Building DWT on Win8/x64 with D2

Jacob Carlborg doob at
Thu Feb 14 23:25:49 PST 2013

On 2013-02-14 22:04, Sebastian Graf wrote:

> Are there any plans to make DWT more D? I mean "trivial" things like
> fixing import names, unified getters and setters, mostly compatibility
> stuff. Is this even possible from a technical point of view?

What's wrong with the import names? First a foremost we're trying to 
keep the code as close as possible to the original Java code. This will 
help porting new versions in the future. Although adding properties 
would only be an addition and probably not interfere with future 
portings. Short answer: I don't know.

It should be an problem from a technical point of view.

/Jacob Carlborg

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