Building DWT on Win8/x64 with D2

Sebastian Graf SebastianGraf at
Fri Feb 15 11:05:33 PST 2013

On Friday, 15 February 2013 at 18:41:42 UTC, Sebastian Graf wrote:
> I'd like to give the test suite a shot. Which branch of SWT's 
> git repository should I port? One of the 3.4 versions, 4.2 or 
> even the 4.3 integration branch while of course verifying that 
> all tests pass?

And then again, which test framework should I use?
Since SWT uses JUnit, DUnit would make sense, depending on its 
maturity. Of course we are using D here, so your rspec unittest 
sugar would fit even better from my POV.
This is all just based on a quick search.

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