Building DWT2 with DMD 2.062 on Windows 7 64 bit

Lubos Pintes lubos.pintes at
Tue Feb 19 04:14:13 PST 2013

I built the build.d, and then issued two commands:
build base (OK)
build swt (Errors I tried to describe)
Dňa 19. 2. 2013 13:08 Jacob Carlborg  wrote / napísal(a):
> On 2013-02-19 11:47, Lubos Pintes wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Just checked out fresh repository and tried to build. Base builds fine
>> but swt doesn't.
>> Unfortunately, I am unable to record error log.  It is something about
>> java.lang.util.di, on line 385, opCall cannot be interpreted at compile
>> time because it has no source code.
>> And also that template getImportData cannot be instantiated.
>> Sorry for ugly report. I looked into build.d. It could create the
>> elog.txt, but it doesn't.
>> In fact, there is no elog.txt creation. At least on win 7.
> Is this when you build the library or when building an application that
> uses the library?
> It sounds like you're missing the -J flag. It should point to:

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