Build problems

Alexandr Druzhinin drug2004 at
Fri Feb 22 02:36:53 PST 2013

22.02.2013 17:07, deed пишет:
> Replacing util.di with
> util.d (as mentioned in another thread) gives the same result.

I read about replacing, but nevertheless - did you remove util.di or 
place util.d alongit?

this is my way to build DWT on win7 using dmd 2.062 (it's dirty, but 
works for me)

cd path\to\dwt
dmd build.d
build dwt

now we have dwt-base.lib in .\lib

del .\imp\java\lang\util.di
copy  .\base\src\java\lang\util.d .\imp\java\lang\
build swt

now we have other libraries in .\lib

but it is not the end:
del .\imp\org\eclipse\swt\internal\Library.di

now it works for me. hope it helps before building will be fixed in 
normal way. I have no time now to do it myself.

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