What's the status on Linux/amd64 ?

Marco Leise Marco.Leise at gmx.de
Thu Feb 28 08:18:26 PST 2013

Am Thu, 28 Feb 2013 08:28:23 +0100
schrieb Jacob Carlborg <doob at me.com>:

> On 2013-02-28 05:43, Marco Leise wrote:
> > Has anyone used it successfully there? I'd like to try it
> > since it has no dependencies.
> I doesn't compile. There are two problems (at least) here:
> * Using "int" when "size_t" should have been used and similar type issues

Figured that out!

> * Using the native API
> I have no idea if the same native API can be used both for 32 and 64bit.

On Linux... what's the native API for a windowing toolkit? If
you refer to Gtk, I think it will just work.

> Any help would be appreciated if you want to port it to 64bit.

Sorry, suddenly Gtk dependencies on Windows started to look not
so bad. :p Really I would have ported it if it wasn't for GtkD.

> BTW, it's perfectly possible to use 32bit executables on 64bit.

That's right and I tried that, but I don't have a 32-bit
version of libgnomeui installed. These .so files often come in
larger 32-bit compatibility package bundles. Looks like it
wasn't important enough to make it in.


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