DWT building

Alexandr Druzhinin drug2004 at bk.ru
Fri Jan 25 00:38:20 PST 2013

25.01.2013 14:33, Jacob Carlborg пишет:
> Ok, I know what's going on. When running "rdmd -Ifoo build" all flags
> passed to rdmd is used when compiling "build.d". build.d is compiled
> into an executable that rdmd runs. This executable then builds the DWT
> library. The flags passed to rdmd are not passed down to the "build"
> executable.
Yes, it is

> It's possible to pass flags to the executable via rdmd but they are not
> currently handled by build.d. Please file an issue.
> Sorry, I was confusing things.
No sorry! Thank you for your good job! :)

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