How to build program with DWT2 and DMD2?

JohnnyK johnnykinsey at
Wed Jul 31 06:47:21 PDT 2013

Hi all,
   Sorry for what may seem like a simple and obvious question to 
most DWT users.  First I would like to say that I have absolutely 
no experience with SWT in any form.  Second I know nothing of 
Eclipse other than that is what happens when the moon is directly 
between the earth and the sun.  I would like to know in a few 
simple steps or examples how to build a hello world or some other 
trivial GUI application with DWT.  Following the instructions I 
was able to build the Snippets but that does not really tell you 
how to start a DWT project from scratch.  I would really like to 
get some steps on how to start a DWT project from a project 
folder somewhere and compile it.  So far the snippets show off 
the abilities of the library but they are not a tutorial and 
don't help us noobs.  The snippets would be good if they had HOW 
to comments or other documentation that explains how to get this 
done.  Also it would be nice if someone could share a typical 
directory layout of their DWT programming environment and what 
tools(aka IDE) they use.  I am finding this whole DWT thing to be 
a really daunting task without some kind of tutoring.  I have 
found DWT to be really hard to get started with.  I do like the 
fact that one can make a single executable that can be copied and 
executed without the need to install a huge API or additional 
baggage files before the executable will run.

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