How to install DWT

user user at
Wed May 1 22:56:39 PDT 2013

DWT is SWT port to D. So almost all the api/docs on SWT will also 
work with D.
I usualy just type "SWT examples" or "SWT use ComboBox" in 
google, then port it to D. If there are any differences, I just 
open the source or DDoc to compare the D version with the java 

Regarding the installation, DWT is a library so after building 
it, it creates a *.lib file which can be used just as any other 
library files. Also the git downloads the source files which can 
be used for importing in the code. If you just type "dmd" it 
shows the command line options for specifying the library and 
include folders. Other way is to edit the SC.ini (comes with DMD) 
file and specify them in it.

I do most of my work in windows and I can give more details if 
you want. I am not 100% sure for ubuntu, probably ubuntu experts 
will reply.

good luck

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