Error: undefined identifier ArrayWrapperString

Jacob Carlborg doob at
Thu Feb 13 10:46:10 PST 2014

On 2014-02-13 16:45, JohnnyK wrote:

> Thanks Jacob,  I just moved the import java.lang.all; down to just
> before where I needed the method since that is the only method I
> needed.  import java.lang.all; indexOf method conflicts with the
> std.String library indexOf method.

Have you imported both java.lang.all and std.string? In that case you 
will most likely get conflicts. Either don't import java.lang.all 
(indexOf is defined in java.lang.String) or use any of the usual 
conflict resolution methods:

* alias
* fully qualified symbol
* renamed import
* selective import

/Jacob Carlborg

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