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Jacob Carlborg doob at
Mon Jan 13 02:09:07 PST 2014

On 2014-01-13 10:58, Jacob Carlborg wrote:

> I'm using this philosophy when I'm porting SWT to D. In prioritizing order:
> 1. The public API needs to be the same on all platforms and preferably
> as the Java API.
> 2. The types and signatures should match the native ones. That means, if
> the native signature uses a pointer, the D code should use a pointer as
> well, even if the Java code uses int/long.
> 3. Try to stay as close to the original Java code as possible. This will
> make it easier to port future versions.

> Hmm, these might actually be the cases where it should be "int" on both
> platforms and a cast is required since it's would otherwise be "long"
> for 64bit.
> You did find the other cases where I know for sure that the type should
> vary on 32 and 64bit, that is when the code looks like this:
> int /*long*/

I double checked these cases with the Java code:

32bit           64bit
int /*long*/    long /*int*/
(int)/*64*/     (int)/*64*/

The reason for (int)/*64*/ is usually because the native type would be 
64bit but the Java requires it to be 32bit. By the second rule above, I 
would translate (int)/*64*/ to the native type.

/Jacob Carlborg

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