DWT in Xamarin with Mono-D

Malkierian rhydonj at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 00:00:15 PDT 2014

OK, so I haven't even tried yet to do DWT the way it says in the 
build tutorial, but I've been working with Xamarin for a while 
now, and I'm very comfortable with it.

Anyway, I managed to build and install DWT properly, however when 
I try to run the example, I get weird errors about needing a 
-Jpath to link to some .properties files.  For example:

E:\Dlang\dwt\imp\java\lang\util.di(391): Error: need -Jpath 
switch to import text file 

And mixed in with them are errors about instantiating templates:

Error: template instance 
error instantiating

Problem is, I don't know where to go to put a -J switch in 
Xamarin.  Can anyone help me out?

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