Unable to link DWT build

Paul D Anderson via Digitalmars-d-dwt digitalmars-d-dwt at puremagic.com
Thu Nov 19 15:10:44 PST 2015

Downloaded DWT win32 and built it okay, but when I try to compile 
and link the "hello world" program I get link errors. I don't 
know enough about the win32 linker to know what the problem is.

The most serious error is org.eclipse.swt.win32.win32.x86.lib 
'Error 43: Not a Valid Library File'.

I'm also having trouble specifying the lib and base directories. 
I get 'File not found lib.lib'. Ditto for base.lib.

The link command line I'm using is
LINK main, lib +"org.eclipse.swt.win32.win32.x86.lib" 
+"dwt-base.lib" /SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS:4.0"

Where have I gone wrong?

Thanks in advance and sorry if this is a duplicate but couldn't 
find the answer elsewhere on this forum.

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