Building DWT

chrisalex via Digitalmars-d-dwt digitalmars-d-dwt at
Thu Apr 7 17:08:54 PDT 2016

I followed the instructions on the git readme, I copied the res 
and imp folders to /usr/include/d/, and I added these dflags to 

>"dflags" : ["-J/usr/include/d/res", "-I/usr/include/d/imp"]

However, when I try to compile anything using DWT, I get these 
undefined reference errors (this is just trying to import it)

>.dub/build/application-debug-linux.posix-x86_64-dmd_2070-4CF3803ADC5BBCCDFE1B352AFA5EC835/dwttest.o:(.rodata+0x98): undefined reference to `_D3org7eclipse3swt7widgets7Display12__ModuleInfoZ'
>--- errorlevel 1
>.dub/build/application-debug-linux.posix-x86_64-dmd_2070-4CF3803ADC5BBCCDFE1B352AFA5EC835/dwttest.o:(.rodata+0xa0): undefined reference to `_D3org7eclipse3swt7widgets5Shell12__ModuleInfoZ'

I'm thinking that I need the static libraries for the 
dependencies listed on the readme, but I run into errors trying 
to build those packages in arch linux because of my graphics 
drivers, and there are a hefty amount of them. Any insight would 
be appreciated, thanks.

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