eclipse4 application model and dwt

Jay Norwood via Digitalmars-d-dwt digitalmars-d-dwt at
Mon Apr 10 12:40:12 PDT 2017

I recently worked on an application using the eclipse4 
application model.  It includes an extension/rework of the swt 
layout features.  The layout is tied to an emf model.  It 
supports some nice features, such as ...
1. Persistence/recall of multi-window/ multi-monitor layouts
2. Simple runtime replication/duplication of complex layouts by 
duplicating snippets of the model.
3. Hierarchical gui event notifications, so that, for example, 
replicated layouts have their own local contexts for gui events.
4. Sharing of visual layout parts and their associated classes 
among multiple "perspective" layouts.

Is there a D gui framework that already provides a similar level 
of layout/replication capabilities?

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