DWT Support Docs for Windows

Jacob Carlborg via Digitalmars-d-dwt digitalmars-d-dwt at puremagic.com
Tue Feb 21 23:46:04 PST 2017

On 2017-02-20 05:25, JamesD wrote:

> Thank you for your constructive feedback!
> Correct, only 2 build targets in DDT at this time;
>     (default)
>     (default):unittest
> I agree that hijacking unittest is not the best approach.  What I am
> doing now is to edit the (default) build target as follows.
>     Original: ${DUB_TOOL_PATH} build
>     Modified: ${DUB_TOOL_PATH} build -b=release
> I leave the (default):unittest unmodified as follows.
>     Original: ${DUB_TOOL_PATH} build -b unittest

Sounds reasonable. Can you add additional build targets, one for the 

> Thanks for your suggestions about updating my docs. I plan to as I learn
> and time permitting.
> Yes, DDT is indeed leveraging DUB to do the builds.  Obviously, DDT will
> allow me to crate a batch file or whatever for other build methods, but
> DUB is convenient for linking with the DWT library.

I'm not saying that you would not use Dub to do the build, just invoke 
it differently, as you done above.

/Jacob Carlborg

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