DWT is official ?

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Mon Jul 31 04:10:30 PDT 2017

On Wednesday, 12 July 2017 at 10:10:53 UTC, Flaze07 wrote:
> hi...so is this group forum about the SWT D bindings ? (I am 
> just surprised that it is...in the ecosystem if it is what I 
> think it is)

No, D does not have a official gui lib. The dlang core community 
is still small and hardly funded, it's mostly still a 
design-by-volunteers language. Therefore it's impossible to 
maintain any significantly sized lib in phobos. Especially when 
majority of the D users are web based programmers and there is no 
common consensus about which gui lib to pick.

The main focus is to improve safety, before that out used to be 
parallelism and concurrency, even before that it used to be 
speed, ufcs, duck typing etc.

Point is that gui libs or any major libs will almost never be 
official, unless it's web related.

Also, nowadays it's fashionable to design-your-own-lang so every 
major company has their own language now, it seems less and less 
likely that D will be sponsored by any major company. Therefore 
although the language seems to be evolving fast, quality tools 
and libs are evolving excruciatingly slowly.

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