DDT 0.5.0 ("Creamfields") released

Bruno Medeiros brunodomedeiros+spam at com.gmail
Fri Aug 26 11:13:17 PDT 2011

DDT 0.5.0 (codename "Creamfields") has been released. (Yes, as treat I 
decided to giving ocasional release name :P)

This new release requires DLTK 3.0 (from Indigo), so if you are going 
for the upgrade path, you need to add the new DLTK update site:

Right Next on the TODO list is debugger support. Well, after the minor 
internal task of switching the source repository from Mercurial to Git, 
now that Google Code supports Git.

Changelog ( 

== DDT 0.5.0 (2011-08-26) ==
  * Updated DDT to DTLK 3.0
  * Made icons of D source elements (classes, structs templates, etc.) 
consistent throughout the UI.
    * (Previously DLTK views and some popups used simplified icons, and 
only CA and outline used more detailed icons.)
  * Outline view changes:
    * Now shows nested elements.
    * Clicking on named elements correctly selects their name in the 
editor (previously it just revealed the element).
    * Added context menu to the outline elements, added some filter 
actions to the toolbar of the view.
  * Constructor/Desctructors/Allocators/Deallocators now show up in 
Outline view and quick Outline.
  * Implemented #52: function/delegate literals can now be folded. And 
also anonymous classes.
  * Fix in Documentation hovers: removed redudant text, and now displays 
concrete archetype (Class, Interface, Struct, Union), instead of 
  * Fixed issue #47: NPE while parsing is expression. Source ranges will 
still be missing though.
  * Fixed some minor NPE and assertion failure bugs.
  * Fixed issue #51, parsing AssertFailedException.
  * Resolved #19 in a definite and proper way (instead of with a 
workaround hack).
  * Fixed some issues relate to completion of imports, including issue #53.
  * Fixed issue #58: typing the dot causes selected completion proposal 
to be applied.

Bruno Medeiros - Software Engineer

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