Linux, Mono-D, GtkD and linking

Bad Sector via Digitalmars-d-ide digitalmars-d-ide at
Sat Aug 30 02:35:59 PDT 2014

Probably they weren't built. I was trying to fix the issue by 
trying several things and one of them was going to the package 
directories and typing `make all` to build them (in hopes that 
somehow this would generate some file that told mono-d or dmd the 
library's own dependencies). It seems that after the linking step 
became much faster (it seemed to be that the linking was the slow 

Btw, my CPU provides 8 threads and compiling with `make -j 8` was 
*much* faster than just by `make` which makes me wonder if mono-d 
can also run simultaneous builds.

I also managed to find a workaround for the linking issue by 
adding the full path to the .so files directly to the project 
settings. Of course this makes the project harder to move to 
another system (even with the same OS), but it was the only thing 
that would work. I'd like to see something like Eclipse's 
"libraries" where you specify some alias for a project's library 
dependency (you can have multiple of them) and configure the 
aliases for each Eclipse installation. F.e. in GtkD's case you'd 
have a "gtkd" alias and Mono-D maps the gtkd alias to some 
include and library directories (this would also help Mono-D to 
know which includes exactly to parse).

In any case for now it seems to work, for development at least.

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