Linux, Mono-D, GtkD and linking

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Sat Aug 30 15:49:39 PDT 2014

On Saturday, 30 August 2014 at 15:11:29 UTC, Orvid King wrote:
> In terms of compile-speed, as I hinted at on the IRC, compiling 
> each file individually is usually going to be a lot slower than 
> compiling them all at once.

I'd expect that to be the case with a few files, but what about 
multiple files? Wouldn't compiling multiple files in parallel be 
better in terms of performance? Or does dmd do that already if 
you pass multiple files?

I have another problem now: i have set up one library project and 
one executable project that depends on the library (it is set so 
in the project's settings), but when i modify a source file in 
the library's code, save it and hit F5 (or F8), the executable 
isn't relinked (the library is rebuilt, but the executable's 
binary isn't considered as out of date so it isn't relinked - i 
assume Mono-D doesn't check the dependent library files?).

Is there something i'm missing or this is a bug? (i tried "link 
in static/shared libraries from nested dependencies" which 
sounded somewhat relevant but didn't do the trick and cannot find 
any other option).

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