Can't find msobj80.dll any where on my machine or on internet.

Rainer Schuetze via Digitalmars-d-ide digitalmars-d-ide at
Fri Sep 18 16:26:09 PDT 2015

On 18.09.2015 17:09, Enjoys Math wrote:
> For some reason or another VS 2008 is the only IDE I am able to install
> on Win 7.
> I can't find msobj80.dll to complete the installation.
> Does anyone have it and can upload it for me?
> Or should I just upgrade my machine to Win 10?
> Thanks.

A standard VS 2008 installation should contain msobj80.dll in the 
Common7\IDE folder. It's actually the Visual Studio Shell that's missing 
this DLL.

You should be able to find mspdb80.dll as part of the VC Express 2008, 
see links here:

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