VisualD D/C++ Win32 precompiled headers issue.

Sjoerd Nijboer sjoerdnijboer at
Sun Aug 26 14:07:02 UTC 2018

I created a D/C++ Win32 Application project using VisualD, and 
everything works untill the moment I add an empty c++ class using 
the "create a class" wizard.

Files at this moment:
*WindowsApp.d // main function

 From that moment the source file "stdafx.h" and WindowsApp.pch 
are missing.
So I rightclick the project file and set use precompiled headers 
to no in the C/C++ section.

 From this point expect my small project to compile and run, but 
the build keeps failing using thesame error message.

When I try to manually add a precompiled header the build still 
fails with thesame error message.

*WindowsApp.d // main function
*Foo.cpp // #include "stdafx.h"
*stdafx.h // #include "targetver.h"
*targetver.h // #include <SDKDDKVer.h>

Does anyone experience simular problems, or is it just me not 
being able to create a proper setting?

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