Dustmite + Visual D

Rainer Schuetze r.sagitario at gmx.de
Thu Nov 8 07:16:19 UTC 2018

On 06/11/2018 04:09, Michelle Long wrote:
> D:\Projects\Game\Game\Game.dustmite\..\..\..\..\D\Libraries\pegged\dynamic\grammar.d:
> The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another
> process.

I can reproduce it now, but it has nothing to do with links/junctions.

The problem is that the shown file is outside of the project folder
hierarchy. Visual D tries to recreate the projects folder structure, so
it copies




which is the same file!

A simple workaround is to use a junction in the project folder to access

I guess Visual D should not copy files outside of the project folder,
but they are also not subject to dustmite in that case.

Alternatively, the dustmite directory could be created in a common
parent folder for all files, but that doesn't work for files distributed
over different drives.

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