Dustmite + Visual D

Michelle Long HappyDance321 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 00:57:33 UTC 2018

On Thursday, 8 November 2018 at 23:09:53 UTC, Michelle Long wrote:
>> I suspect there is still a misunderstanding: your project very 
>> likely still refers to these files via a relative path, not 
>> through the junction. You can verify this by looking at the 
>> list of files at the end of the .visualdproj file with a text 
>> editor.
> Ok, you are right. I think i might have dragged some items in 
> manually from the file explorer after I removed them thinking I 
> didn't need them after I dragged in the junction.
> I noticed this:
>     <File path="Libraries\arsd\color.d" />
>     <File path="Libraries\arsd\gamehelpers.d" />
>     <File path="..\..\..\Game\Game\Libraries\arsd\png.d" />
>     <File path="Libraries\arsd\simpledisplay.d" />
>     <File path="Libraries\arsd\stb_truetype.d" />
> (note that they are all the same paths!)
> In any case, it should be an easy fix either way?
> Maybe the relative paths are causing D's file routines to crap 
> out?

So, this is definitely the reason for the errors. I manually 
removed the ..\'s and was able to get the project to copy.

Note that when the files are separately dragged in they can 
produce different results.

The paths are valid but but it seems like the copy routines do 
not understand relative and mixed paths.

Now I get

created clean copy of the project in 
Failed to make stdin stream inheritable by child process (Access 
is denied.)

so now getting that error about stdin that I get from a fresh 
project... this seems like a bug in Visual D too.

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