Replacement for Eclipse-DDT?

E.S. Quinn anonymous at
Sat Jul 18 12:53:43 UTC 2020

I've been away from D and coding in general for a couple years, 
and I've recently been feeling the urge to get back into it and 
resume work on a project of mine that's been collecting dust.

However, in the intervening years, the IDE plugin I'd been using 
(DDT for eclipse) has been abandoned and has bitrotted to the 
point where it doesn't seem like it's usable with recent versions 
of the IDE.

So I'm wondering if any of the ones currently in existence can 
replace the big elements of my workflow:

1) Needs to be multilanguage. I've got a C++ component of this 
project and I want to be able to edit and rebuild that without 
having to alt-tab away. My C++ bits build with CMake and the D 
ones with dub.

2) Handle sub-projects each with their own VCS folder. I'm 
maintaining custom forks of a couple D libraries as well as the 
C++ one, and once again I want to be able to access them from the 
same UI

3) Be able to run on windows and linux. I multiboot on my primary 
machine and use that to make sure it runs okay on both systems. 
Major bonus points if it does this without an electron or other 
html+javascript-based UI.

4) Be able to set environment variables for build and run based 
on project locations. Something like "export 

5) Have some in-IDE support for GIT.

Am I asking too much here? Or will something out there meet my 

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