Atom, ide-dlang and.. a better doc for beginners ?

jerome jegaultier at
Sat Sep 12 18:56:08 UTC 2020

To answer the title,

I just get started with D, so I went to the process of finding 
the right IDE on my Ubuntu 20. Finally, Atom is my editor of 
choice (over Dexed, codeblocks, visual studio code and others). 
To make it a light IDE, I installed the 3 community packages :

* build
* busy-signal
* ide-dlang (not maintained but working fine)

Then I installed the D binaries (dub, dmd) with the script given 
on the website, in the official download links. I guess I could 
have done sudo apt install also, but at least I get the last D 
compiler. I then added the path of dub, dmb, etc to my $PATH. In 
fact doing

source  ~/dlang/dmd-2.093.1/activate         in my ~/.profile.

You still need to do
$dub init new_playground
to create a D project. But then you can Add Project Folder in 
Atom, then click any file of your project, then press F9 to 
compile, or F7 to define build, run... The only pain I have is 
that the debug pane is closing upon successful compilation, 
instead of staying open. You gotta press F8.

Anyway, good enough! Nice code completion and syntax 
highlighting, nice theme, github integrated... I am happy with 

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