Error Message "ModuleInfo class is incorrect"

Mike none at
Wed Dec 4 17:11:12 PST 2013

I'm trying to port the D Runtime, incrementally, to the ARM 
Cortex-M (thumb2) platform.  But after bringing object.d in, I'm 
getting this error message:

"object.d ModuleInfo class is incorrect"

Looking through LDC's source code, I found the following in 

// check for patch
#if DMDV2
	unsigned sizeof_ModuleInfo = 16 * PTRSIZE;
	unsigned sizeof_ModuleInfo = 14 * PTRSIZE;
	if (sizeof_ModuleInfo != moduleinfo->structsize)
	error("object.d ModuleInfo class is incorrect");

I'm not sure if PTRSIZE is not properly defined for my platform, 
or if I need to make changes to ModuleInfo, or some other problem.

Please advise.


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