LDC 0.12.1 has been released

Kai Nacke kai at redstar.de
Wed Dec 4 22:52:58 PST 2013

Hi Ellery!

On Thursday, 5 December 2013 at 01:25:06 UTC, Ellery Newcomer 
> On 12/01/2013 10:59 PM, Kai Nacke wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
> Just built it from source with BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON. It 
> compiles me a shared library with minimal fuss! But, as with 
> dmd, it doesn't initialize druntime (main is in C). Until it 
> does, does ldc have an equivalent to gcc's
> __attribute__((__constructor__))
> __attribute__((__destructor__))
> ?

Shared libraries are not yet supported and still need some work.

I don't know the semantic of the gcc attributes. Do 
pragma(LDC_global_crt_ctor) and pragma(LDC_global_crt_dtor) help? 
See http://wiki.dlang.org/LDC-specific_language_changes.


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