floor operation problem

Marco Leise Marco.Leise at gmx.de
Thu Dec 19 02:33:16 PST 2013

I cannot reproduce this on 64-bit Linux.

Compiled the C version with:
gcc -std=c99 -march=native -O3 -s -flto test1.c -o test1 -Wl,-lm

and the D version with:
ldc2 -release -O3 test2.d -of=test2 -ffunction-sections
-fdata-sections -L--gc-sections -vectorize-slp
-vectorize-loops -unit-at-a-time -L-O1 -L--as-needed -L-lrt
-L-znorelro -L--no-copy-dt-needed-entries -L--relax
-L--sort-common -L--export-dynamic
strip test2 -R .comment -R .note.ABI-tag -R .gnu.version
-R .jcr -R .got

Runtimes for both executables are around 0.8s.


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