Another performance problem

bearophile bearophileHUGS at
Mon Dec 23 23:39:13 PST 2013

David Nadlinger:

> Turns out that this is actually a DMD issue: 
> You might want to watch out for this trap in the future (or 
> annoy people to fix it in the frontend, of course).

I don't fully understand.

I didn't know about issue 4419, it looks like an ugly bug.

The same code from the rosettacode was compiled with both ldc2 
and dmd, so if there's a front-end bug it should hit both 

Also here the performance difference I have seen is so large 
(20+?) that I don't think thread local bugs could be enough to 
justify it.

The last version of the code I put on Rosettcode can't be 
compiled with the LDC2 I have because it uses a recent bug fix 
(it uses the .ptr of a zero length field, that until now was 
always null), but the Wiki site keeps all the older versions of 
the page. So I have used the precedent version of the D code, 
with and without swapping static and __gshared. And the code 
compiled with dmd is exactly the same performance as before, and 
the ldc2 code is still as slow as before in both cases.

So I think Issue 4419 is not the cause of this problem, unless 
there's something I don't understand still.


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