LDC 0.11.0 has been released!

bearophile bearophileHUGS at lycos.com
Sun Jul 28 10:39:18 PDT 2013

Maybe I have found some more problems. The program:

import core.stdc.stdio, std.math;

void test(in double nLoops) nothrow {
     double rsin = 0.0;
     double rtan = 0.0;

     double i = 0.0;
     while (i < nLoops) {
         rsin = sin(i);
         rtan = tan(i);

     printf("i: %f\n", i);
     printf("sin: %f\n", rsin);
     printf("tan: %f\n", rtan);

void main() {

DMD seems to print the correct values:

i: 2000000.000000
sin: -0.989602
tan: 6.880292

The program compiled with ldmd2 (on a 32 bit Windows system, with 
no switches) crashes when it tries to print "i". If I comment out 
the printf line of "i" then the program prints:

sin: -0.000000
tan: nan


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