Branch merge-2.064 is at DMD 2.064-RC1 level

Kai Nacke kai at
Mon Nov 4 03:46:09 PST 2013


for the adventurous souls: branch merge-2.064 in the ldc 
repository is at the RC1 level of DMD 2.064!
There are still some unit test failures, but I am sure that there 
more bugs lurking in the background.

Please try out! Every bug report/feedback is welcome!

BTW: If you have all prerequisites installed (LLVM, cmake, 
libconfig) then this is as easy as:

git clone --recursive
cd ldc
git checkout merge-2.064
cd runtime/druntime
git checkout ldc-merge-2.064
cd ../phobos
git checkout ldc-merge-2.064
cd ../../..
mkdir build-ldc
cd build-ldc
cmake ../ldc


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