TLS for iOS - how to proceed

Dan Olson at
Wed Apr 2 00:35:19 PDT 2014

"David Nadlinger" <code at> writes:

> On 1 Apr 2014, at 17:31, Dan Olson wrote:
>> What is best way to maintain and distribute the LLVM changes?
> For question concerning LLVM development, I found that the best thing
> usually is to just ask on the llvmdev mailing list or on IRC
> (#llvm at The devs are usually quick to suggest a
> solution.

Ok, I will check into it when things get stable.

> If integration of the changes proves problematic (or simply until a
> solution is worked out), we could also consider maintaining a patch or
> a forked repo somewhere on GitHub for people to use when building LDC
> for iOS. This is certainly not the best solution in the long run,
> though.

Hmmm, forking llvm on github seems like the easiest. I had not looked at
the github llvm mirror before. That seems like a good way to keep it
everything in sync.

>> The tlv runtime support is currently in the form of modified copies of
>> Apple dyld open source.  How do we properly use this (licensing)?  Can
>> it go in druntime or should it go elsewhere?  Should it be
>> reimplemented?
> I neither looked at the details of the Apple Open Source license, nor
> am I a lawyer, but I wouldn't see too much of a problem with including
> the code in the druntime repository, as long as we don't claim it's
> Boost licensed.

My quick read of the makes me
think compliance would be by documenting any modification from original,
keeping the license intact in source, and a prominent notice by
executable only versions of the license and how to view the modified
source. Not sure how that applies to a library.

> However, since your work is potentially also useful for other projects
> targeting iOS, maybe a small "stand-alone" library pulled in as a
> submodule by the LDC runtime build system would be the better idea?

That might be a good idea. Keeps licensing issues, if any, away from
druntime or LDC. As a separate lib, it can just be added to the link
command as needed. And easily removed if Apple turns tlv on for iPhone

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