LDC Issue 535 - duplicate symbols

Dan Olson zans.is.for.cans at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 4 09:28:44 PDT 2014

I think I ran into https://github.com/ldc-developers/ldc/issues/535 a
month ago when I try to link all phobos unittests into one iOS app.
This is the easiest way I could find so far to run all unittests on an
iPhone without building a bunch of small apps.

Appears that most 16__interfaceInfosZ symbols for instantiated
interfaces end up in "(__DATA,__datacoal_nt) weak external", but for
some reason, occasionally one will end up in section "(__DATA,__const)
external" preventing the linker from ignoring extra definitions.  I
started looking at the LDC code last night, but did not see a reason why
the section would change.

Just curious if anybody might be working on a solution.  In the
meantime, I just take the troublesome unittest obj files out of the big
unittest app and build in a separate app.

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