LDC 0.14.0 released!

bearophile via digitalmars-d-ldc digitalmars-d-ldc at puremagic.com
Fri Aug 15 11:25:07 PDT 2014

Kai Nacke:

> 8fcada15be800679890117b3e9fb8c73 ldc2-0.14.0-mingw-x86.7z

It seems to work.

>LLVM intrinsics llvm.bswap.i#, llvm.ctpop.i#, llvm.ctlz.i# and 
>llvm.cttz.i# are now builtins and can be used with CTFE. (#648) 

I try to write code that compiles with both ldc and dmd, so 
LDC-specific stuff is less important. Are the bswap and other 
functions of core.bitop usable in CTFE? If the answer is 
negative, isn't it better to improve those in dmd too to make 
them usable in CFFE on all D compilers?

>Fixed the signature of intrinsic llvm.prefetch and added new 
>intrinsic llvm.clear_cache (from LLVM 3.5). (new)<

Where do I find information and usage examples of llvm.prefetch 
and llvm.clear_cache?


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