LDC 0.14.0 shared library sonames

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On Thu, 21 Aug 2014 18:33:54 +0200
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> Is it?
> $ cat /etc/debian_version
> 6.0.10
> $ ls -l /usr/lib/libz.so*
> lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root      15 Aug  8  2012 libz.so.1 -> 
> libz.so.
> -rw-r--r--  1 root root   79980 Dec 28  2009 libz.so.
> libz.so.1 is the soname, and a symlink. I still don't see how this is 
> different from what we are doing, or how it would make sense to do
> this the other way round.

Well, the difference between the two cases is obvious though. In the
case of libz (and a few others as I checked, and you were right in
pointing out) is that the libz.so.1 which is the ABI version is the
symlink to the actual full soname library, but in lib*-ldc.so case, the
ABI version is the actual binary and the full soname is a symlink,
which was what got me confused in the first place. Looking at other
libs in /lib and /usr/lib, it's probably the first case that I
encounter that the ABI lib is _not_ the symlink itself to the full
soname. I'm fine with it if you intend to keep it like that, I'll just
include both ones in the lib package and upload it as it is -just need
to fix one more thing and I hope to do it today.


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