LDC 0.14.0 shared library sonames

David Nadlinger via digitalmars-d-ldc digitalmars-d-ldc at puremagic.com
Sat Aug 30 09:24:24 PDT 2014

Sorry Konstantinos, the below mail was stuck in my outbox since Aug 22 
due to connection issues.

On 22 Aug 2014, at 9:22, Konstantinos Margaritis via digitalmars-d-ldc 
>> If there is something unusual about the way LDC handles things, I'm
>> quite interested in fixing them to avoid irritation for packagers.
>> But I honestly have no clue what the issue is here.
> No, I see it now, you were right, I had the impression (wrongly) that
> the 2.0.65 was the soname. My mistake, you did nothing wrong :)

Ah, okay, makes sense then. ;)

> Btw, regarding the libz thing (and the patch I applied), I didn't see
> any comments, I removed the embedded linking from the shared libs and
> used the system libz, is there any particular reason not to?

Not really, no, that's just something we inherited from the way DMD 
builds static libraries. I suppose having an embedded libz also makes 
building on Windows/MSVC more straightforward.

Would be great if you could open a pull request with your changes. I 
hope I'll have some time for LDC-related work this weekend.


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