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On Sun, 2014-12-21 at 20:44 +0100, David Nadlinger via digitalmars-d-ldc wrote:
> Currently, building LDC straight from Git only gives you either the 
> shared or the static libraries. We definitely want to offer both in 
> the next release packages, though. From your description, I gather 
> that Debian already does just the same thing.

The dynamic libraries are in the ldc package, the static library and 
the module sources in the ldc-dev package (names probably no quite 
right, I am currently on Fedora and it's not easy to check.

I think building from Git should create both dynamic and static always.

> > 
> Yes, phobos2-ldc is the correct name of the library, in analogy to 
> DMD's
> phobos2.

Splendid, I took the right view yesterday in my SCons patch. :-)

> > Should the Fedora package be remade?
> Probably, yes. I'd encourage you to file a bug on their tracker – 
> apparently they modify the library name on purpose. As to why this 
> could
> be, I don't really have an idea (before shared library support, the 
> name
> used to be "libphobos-ldc.a" without the "2", but different D 
> releases are not binary-compatible anyway).

I'll see what I can do. For now I have put a hack into SCons based on 
phobos2-ldc being the correct name and phobos-ldc being a Fedora 

> > Do I need to cope with both in the SCons tooling?
> If you just use LDC for linking, you don't need to care at all, as 
> long as they configure the compiler correctly. I don't know whether 
> this is an option for you, though.

At the moment I am not using D at all, just keeping as up-to-date as I 
can, I have though had to fix the SCons D tooling to try and get "all 
green" ready for a new SCons release.

The issue has been the -defaultlib option that is required to build 
shared libraries.

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