LDC2 compiled with MSVC forces object files to end with .obj

Kai Nacke kai at redstar.de
Wed Jan 1 07:55:39 PST 2014

On Saturday, 21 December 2013 at 14:31:25 UTC, Dwhatever wrote:
> I use a Visual Studio compiled LDC2 and use it for cross 
> compiling ARM targets. I need to use the binutils linker and 
> there the default object file extension is .o rather than .obj. 
> Is there a possibility for LDC2 to output the default object 
> file extension to .o instead of .obj?
> Right now I just do a rename in the makefile but it would be 
> nice if LDC2 could do this directly.

I created an issue for this bug: 

> BTW. The binary version of LDC2 compiled with MSVC on this site 
> is compiled as a Debug version. This makes it dependent on 
> MSVCP110D.dll which is not provided in the redistributable C++ 
> libraries. I've successfully compiled it as Release and it is 
> also way faster because the run time checks are disabled. In 
> the future, compile it as Release instead.

Well, I will do this when I create an official release. For now, 
the binaries are provided "as-is" because there are still 

Nevertheless, if you find bugs in the MSVC version please report 


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