Automated porting of druntime to new platforms using libclang

Jacob Carlborg doob at
Tue Jan 7 11:48:26 PST 2014

On 2014-01-07 16:46, Joakim wrote:

> The "correct solution" isn't always the quick solution. ;) Anyway,
> thanks for building such a nice-sounding tool in DStep and for
> responding.  I'll let you know when I start playing with DStep.


There's another problem with DStep. Many types and functions, especially 
when we're talking about the system API's, are declared in internal 
headers and then a typedef, or similar, is used to include it in 
standard headers. DStep will not resolve the typedef and it will follow 
the same file structure as the headers do. The reason for not resolving 
typedefs is they're most likely hiding platform specifics in a 
cross-platform API.

/Jacob Carlborg

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