iphone + LDC, a new ARM adventure

Dan Olson zans.is.for.cans at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 12 08:10:51 PST 2014

David Nadlinger <code at klickverbot.at> writes:

> I'm not sure what the best way of going forward with this would be.
> One option might be to just hack LDC to emit all TLS globals as normal
> globals. This would obviously break threading support, but might be
> interesting for getting first Hello-World-style programs to run.

I think this is the best option for now.  I want to see how viable D is
on iOS and seeing most of the runtime and phobos running on an iPhone
would be cool.  Then begin work on the slow, detailed work of TLS,
exceptions, and all the other gottchas that pop up when I have a way of
running the unittests.

> The other option, and what we might end up with in the long run, would
> be to implement a TLS emulation scheme in either LDC or, better, LLVM
> itself. pthread_{get,set}specific seem to be supported on iOS, which
> would make an implementation similar to DMD already does on OS X
> possible (see src/rt/sections_osx.d in the upstream druntime
> repository). It might be possible to transfer this approach to LDC
> without touching LLVM, even though implementing it on the LLVM side
> would certainly be cleaner. Let us know if you want to pursue this
> direction so we can discuss possible designs.
> Best,
> David

Thanks much!

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