cmake, ldc, and cross compiling

Dan Olson at
Fri Jan 24 07:11:17 PST 2014

Jacob Carlborg <doob at> writes:

> On 2014-01-23 09:32, Dan Olson wrote:
>> LLVM configure didn't seem to like my installed clang.  I though of just
>> building libc++.
> Which Clang do you use.
>> Or I could use prebuilt here:
>> Or maybe use mac port clang-3.5?
> Apple is still at Clang 3.2, probably for good reasons.

Stumbled into this on libc++ web page:

clang++ -stdlib=libc++

So yes, you were correct Jacob, I can use default clang on OSX to build
trunk llvm.  Just have to feed this flag to llvm configure and it now
happy.  It must default to libstdc++.

CXXFLAGS='-stdlib=libc++' ../llvm-svn/configure

Looks like llvm trunk is building fine this way.

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