TLS for Android

Joakim joakim at
Fri Mar 7 16:55:04 PST 2014

So I've been looking into implementing TLS for Android/x86, 
rummaging through old TLS git commits for dmd and ldc to see what 
to do.  It appears that Walter implemented TLS on OS X more than 
four years ago by packing thread-local variables into special 
segments and then unpacking them in druntime, which uses 
pthread_(get|set)specific on OS X nowadays:

Since Android also provides these pthread functions for TLS, 
seems like a similar approach is called for.

I notice that ldc never used this approach, depending on llvm's 
built-in TLS support instead:

It seems that this also meant that TLS wasn't garbage-collected 
on OSX, until David added it a little more than a year ago:

I can copy what dmd is doing on OS X Mach-O with ELF, but it's 
not going to be easily transferable to ldc, which will be 
necessary for Android/ARM.

Do you have any advice on how to pull this off with ldc?  Should 
I be going the dmd route and packing the TLS myself?  Does llvm 
provide good support for this?

Or is there some other llvm TLS shortcut I can use?  I tried to 
see if llvm just has some thread-local implementation that 
automatically uses pthread_setspecific, but didn't find anything.

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