TLS for Android (and iOS)

Dan Olson at
Sun Mar 30 08:34:08 PDT 2014

Jacob Carlborg <doob at> writes:

> I would follow the native TLS implementation in OS X, i.e. using
> "tlv_get_addr", as close as possible. In theory it should be possible
> to move the code from threadLocalVariables.c and threadLocalHelpers.s
> directly in to druntime.
> Hopefully that would mean the same code for generating TLS access
> could be used both on OS X and iOS.

Do think we can just drop the dyld code into druntime? It should work
with perhaps some modifications, but I am not familiar with the Apple
opensource license. I should read it. It is BSD-like right? Would still
need to hook in the garbage collector so it scans the thread local
memory.  I'll have to try it tonight.

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