TLS for Android (and iOS)

Dan Olson at
Sun Mar 30 08:44:51 PDT 2014

"Joakim" <joakim at> writes:

> I wonder if it'd be easier to pack your own Mach-O sections rather
> than figuring out how to access all their sections and reimplementing
> their TLV functions, assuming they're not available.  You might even
> be able to do it as an llvm patch since the relevant lib/MC/ files
> where llvm packs the TLS data into Mach-O sections seem pretty
> straightforward.

Thinking about this some more. It probably makes sense to have an
optional approach that can be used on any target that does not have
native TLS. This current approach for iOS will only work for Mach-O. I
wonder if the LLVM folks are working toward a generic TLS without OS

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