MSVC x64: Compilation issues with current head and LLVM 3.5 final

kink via digitalmars-d-ldc digitalmars-d-ldc at
Sun Sep 21 08:06:04 PDT 2014

Thanks for the encouragement. ;)

> First of all the pdata problem is fixed in llvm head.

Perfect, this means we do not need any patches for LLVM and LDC 
(apart from strtold.patch above) to get it at least to compile 
with MSVC and provide some exception support - that's already a 
big improvement since last time I checked. :)

With LLVM head I now get 32 errors with 17 unresolved externals, 
all due to the non-included LLVMX86Utils.lib. After unloading the 
ZERO_CHECK project in the VS solution, I'm able to add the 
missing lib in the project settings and build ldc2 successfully 
from VS without CMake interfering.

> There are more issues you may encounter, for some I use some 
> local hacks.
> Need to create some tickets for them.

That'd be great and save others the hassle - and may even get me 
into looking into them if I can. ;) I know about the missing C99 
support of Microsoft's CRT and therefore LDC's MinGW dependency, 
but apparently VS2013 has improved in that regard.
I'd strongly encourage all LDC for Windows efforts to follow the 
MSVC x64 path (instead of 32-bit and/or MinGW-x64!) and only 
support VS 2013+ due to its broader and more POSIX-compatible 
CRT, which should reduce the hacking effort..

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