How to prevent optimizer from reordering stuff?

Dan Olson via digitalmars-d-ldc digitalmars-d-ldc at
Sat Mar 14 13:20:50 PDT 2015

"David Nadlinger" <code at> writes:

> On Saturday, 14 March 2015 at 18:42:45 UTC, Dan Olson wrote:
>> While tracking down std.math problems for ARM, I find that optimizer
>> will reorder instructions to get FPSCR flags before the divide
>> operation.
> IIRC FP flag/mode support is a tricky topic in LLVM in general, but
> this specific problem seems weird. What are the attributes for
> __D3std4math9ieeeFlagsFNdZS3std4math9IeeeFlags in the IR? The
> optimizer should never move code across arbitrary function calls…
> David

Hi David.

I don't see any attributes for for that function.  I will just paste
some of the -output-ll results since nothing sticks out to me.

declare fastcc void @_D3std4math9ieeeFlagsFNdZS3std4math9IeeeFlags(%std.math.IeeeFlags* noalias sret)

define fastcc void @_D10unittester3fooFZv() {
  %flags = alloca %std.math.IeeeFlags, align 4
  %1 = load double* @_D10unittester4zeroe, align 8
  %2 = fdiv double 1.000000e+00, %1
  %3 = tail call i32 asm sideeffect "vmrs $0, fpscr", "=r"() #0
  call fastcc void @_D3std4math9ieeeFlagsFNdZS3std4math9IeeeFlags(%std.math.IeeeFlags* noalias sret %flags)
  %tmp = call fastcc i1 @_D3std4math9IeeeFlags9divByZeroMFNdZb(%std.math.IeeeFlags* %flags)
  %4 = zext i1 %tmp to i32
  %tmp1 = call i32 (i8*, ...)* @printf(i8* getelementptr inbounds ([11 x i8]* @.str12, i32 0, i32 0), double %2, i32 %3, i32 %4)
  ret void

The only guess I have right now for this is from:

  The FPSCR is the only status register that may be accessed by
  conforming code. It is a global register with the following

  - The condition code bits (28-31), the cumulative saturation (QC) bit
    (27) and the cumulative exception-status bits (0-4) are not
    preserved across a public interface.


Maybe that means the compiler can says FPSCR state from my vdiv.f64
is undefined across function call boundaries, so ordering should not

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