Survey: Is somebody using the -enable-*/-disable-* command line option pairs?

Kai Nacke via digitalmars-d-ldc digitalmars-d-ldc at
Sun Mar 15 07:19:59 PDT 2015


Some command line options have a switch to turn them on and off, 
e.g. -enable-asserts and -disable-asserts.
These option pairs are only available for a handful of ldc2 
command line options. Every option defined inside the LLVM 
framework does not offer an opposite switch, e.g. 
-disable-red-zone exists but not -enable-red-zone.

With LLVM 3.7, an overhaul of the option code has started. In 
consequence, the implementation for the ldc2 option pairs does 
not work anymore. I have an idea how to fix it but this includes 
a fair amount of work.

Before I start fixing the code I would like to know if someone is 
using these options.

If not then I will deprecated these options and remove them by 
the time LLVM 3.7 is released (will be in late autumn).


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