dub, ldc2, MS VS 2015, static c library

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Fri Dec 16 01:59:40 PST 2016

On Friday, 16 December 2016 at 09:21:55 UTC, kinke wrote:
> I guess dub doesn't forward the C++ lib to LDC. Try running it 
> in verbose mode to check the command line. Linking manually 
> without dub works, I assume.
> Btw, I'd very much recommend upgrading your LDC to the latest 
> 1.1 beta, as there have been lots of bugfixes in the meantime, 
> and it bundles DUB v1.1.1.

You right!
I tried dub with --vverbose and realise it doesn't try to send 
mylib to ldc.

Thanks all, problem solved.
Solution is to add
dflags "-O5" "-m64" "-release" "-w" "-L-lmylib"
in dub.sdl
And compile with dub build --compiler=ldc2
And btw I'll try new ldc release.

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