Linking bug?

Satoshi via digitalmars-d-ldc digitalmars-d-ldc at
Mon Jun 13 03:57:57 PDT 2016


I created where I linked libdruntime.a and libphobos.a 
with -L--whole-archive param but doesn't contains some 
phobos functions. And program cannot be linked with 
(without phobos and druntime). there are some unresolved symbols. doesn't contains some symbols from phobos too. (nm

When I added e.g. import std.parallelism; to any file in the everything works fine.

(druntime is compiled with -d-version=Shared)

Can someone tell me if this is a bug or must I add .a libs to the 
.so in other way?

Im using 1.0.0 LDC for compiling/linking on arch linux with 
custom compiled druntime and phobos.


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