LDC collisions of libs -oq option

David Nadlinger via digitalmars-d-ldc digitalmars-d-ldc at puremagic.com
Mon Jun 27 09:42:39 PDT 2016

On 27 Jun 2016, at 17:38, Smoke Adams via digitalmars-d-ldc wrote:
> ldc says to look at the -oq option. Google can't find the -oq option.

$ ldc2 -help | fgrep oq
   -oq                                       - Write object files with 
fully qualified names

> Works find in DMD. All the files are in different directories.

There are several points to be considered/possible explanations here. 
Could you please post an example command line to make sure we are both 
talking about the same situation?

  — David

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